If you are in Nepal and you like the idea of teaching for one or two lessons lower school Art and Crafts or English, or a subject of your choice, SHIVA Charity will help you. We can take you to our training Centre and give you some ideas, if you need, and then by four wheel drive we can descend the beautiful valley to Rabi Opi to teach in a school there. If you are in Kathmandu then Banepa is a 25 km bus ride, or an hour by taxi (cost about 2500 rupees), and the drive to Rabi and back about 5000 rupees. The children are well behaved and a delight to teach.

Karen Blake, teaching in Nepal for an afternoon.
If you would like this exciting challenge when visiting Nepal then email Bob Uppington on shivanepal@yahoo.com and SHIVA charity will arrange everything for you.
Karen said "I am not a teacher, so it was demanding at times, but I enjoyed every minute!"
Sophie and Flo visiting Nepal with a great idea! They raised funds to buy materials to make hula hoops and then went to our schools to teach the kids how to use them. Good fun and healthy excercise!!